Communities in Schools

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Communities In Schools, Southeast Harris County, was established in 1987 and Communities In Schools of Brazoria County was established in 1992. Both entities are 501© 3 non-profit organizations. Additionally, both agencies entered into a joint venture formation agreement in June 2000 for the purpose of consolidating their functional, administrative and economic resources. Both entities are governed by a Board of Directors that oversees their operations.

Communities In School has been operating nationally for over three decades. In Texas, it has been the most successful “stay in school” program for over two decades and currently serves students in 27 communities.


The Communities In Schools’ mission is to champion the connection of needed community resources with schools, in order to help young people stay in school, successfully learn and prepare for life.


The philosophy of Community In Schools is based on the idea of keeping students in school by directly addressing all of the problems and concerns that cause children to not do well in school, or to consider dropping out. Communities In Schools’ comprehensive programs provide students with the opportunity to overcome obstacles; thus, making it easier for them to stay in school, successfully learn, and prepare for life.


The long-term goal of Communities In Schools is to keep students in school until they graduate, which will increase their opportunities for employment and their ability and desire to obtain a college education or vocational training. Ultimately, Communities In Schools works with students so that they can become successful, contributing, self-sufficient adults.